CHATWHATEVER is a free premium website to chat with strangers. Here you can talk to strangers without login. You do not have to create an account to start chatting with strangers. Lots of medium and many types of free chatrooms are available free of cost for text chat, voice chat, video chat with strangers, video calls with strangers, live streaming, group chat, and conference chat with strangers online.


Stranger chat” is defined as communication (real-time text transmission) between two unknown people online via CHATWHATEVER like websites/apps. Technically STRANGER CHAT refers to any kind of live communication between two-person via text messages transmission. Although these are the technical definition of online chatting.


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[1] what is Stranger Chat

Nowadays on the internet, there are plenty of websites that provide easy access to meet strangers and chat with them without any login. If you are searching “Stranger chat” on Google it means it could be a website or application you are looking for, and you are looking for a smart/decent/compatible stranger or a person over the next computer who is unknown for you and you can chat with him/her.

chat with strangers
Talking to a Stranger

Now a day’s chat with strangers is being a very common and popular keyword to be searched on Google and other search engines. Approximately 10+ million people regularly search keywords like ‘stranger chat‘,  ‘talk to a stranger‘ and ‘chat with strangers‘ on Google every month.

You can connect with strangers via several chat formates. There can be text chat, video chat, voice chat, and random video chat with strangers.

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There is a number of history floating about the first CHATROOM used on the internet. According to WireBlog in 1978, a University of Essex student named Roy Trubshaw created a CHATROOM program on a computer that allowed individuals to affix in a very fantasy-based game from their home computers. The CHATROOM program was referred to as MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon (a relevance the sport Dungeons and Dragons).

Another vital development for on-line CHAT came in 1980. In Columbus, Ohio, Alexander Trevor introduced CompuServe’s CB machine. in contrast to Talkomatic, this site program was for the general public and was significantly nearer in thought to the chatrooms of nowadays.

If you are looking for CHATROOM history how come you forgot the encyclopedia. According to Wikipedia the first chatroom system was employed by the U.S. Government in 1971. it had been developed by Murray Turoff, a young Doctor of Philosophy graduate from Berkeley.

The first dedicated online chat service that was wideout there to the general public was the CompuServe CB machine in 1980, created by CompuServe govt Alexander “Sandy” Trevor in Columbus, Ohio.

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[3] About CHATWHATEVER – The ultimate website for stranger chat

CHATWHATEVER is the most preferable platform that is considered as the best stranger chat website in the year 2020. Meanwhile no worry if your friend is not available for you at the time you need him/her, but CHATWHATEVER is there for you. Here you can make text chat with strangers, random video chat with strangers, voice chat with strangers, share pics, share videos with strangers and talk with female strangers, etc.

And the most important thing, now chatting with strangers is not time pass because we do care about your pocket money too…Lets know-how!

If you are looking for a stranger chat website, featured with all types of chat formats including video chat, text chat, and audio chat with random strangers than CHATWHATEVER would be the first choice.

Now free chatting with strangers is became more special as you can find the lost strangers, unlike any other stranger chat website/app. CHATWHATEVER site is packed with special features to get connected with the lost strangers whom you were chatting with. In Ultimate Chatroom you will get a temporary id without login till you are talking with any person. Just connect the same id if you want to talk again with him/her if you accidentally disconnect even the internet browser.

Strangers from approximately 125+ countries are waiting for you on CHATWHATEVER. Let’s Chat with them without login or signup.

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[4] Concept behind “Chat with Strangers” on CHATWHATEVER

CHATWHATEVER is providing all formats to connect with strangers online. Meanwhile, video chat with strangers on CHATWHATEVER is considered as the safest among all available chatting websites. Text chat with strangers and voice calls or voice chat is also one of the favorites for strangers.

CHATWHATEVER is among those superb websites that offer you to talk with obscure individuals free of expense. You ought not to get stress over the sign in to start chatting with any stranger. Simply, you have to just open the website and start communicating with strangers online, discover companions, and meet new individuals. Conversation with the unknown person in a split second and namelessly with a lot of significant worth added highlights to make your visits all the more captivating.

[4.A] The simplicity of CHATWHATEVER!

  • No login or signup required to start chatting
  • Mobile friendly chatrooms
  • chat with girls and/or boys as per your choice
  • 100% free chat with strangers
  • Make money online by chatting
  • Group chat and private chatrooms
  • Voice chat, text chat, and video chat facilities
  • Strangers from approx. 150+ countries

And last but not least you can make money to chat with strangers online. Brief details are here

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[5] Get Paid to Chat With Strangers

The first time in the history of internet CHATWHATEVER is providing you a platform where you can chat with strangers and get paid for the hours you have spent on chatting. 

Click here to know more about how to get paid for chatting with strangers.

For what reason do individual’s converse with another individual they don’t know?

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[6] What are the major benefits of Chatting with Strangers

Talking to a stranger online is being very common since the past decades. People who feel less social and have fewer communication skills may take the help of stranger chat like stuff, in order to improve their talking efficiency and communication skills via chat. The best part of talking to strangers is that you don’t have to be ashamed of sharing or saying anything on this chatting platform coz nobody knows who is chatting with them and you will be anonymous always unless you will reveal your identity.

Another part of chatting with strangers is that you can meet your dream person may be here on this CHATWHATEVER website. Just chat as long as you want to be as a stranger and if you think there is no need to chat as a stranger now you can share your information with your chatting partner.

Another best part of the CHATWHATEVER platform is that here you could judge people for days on “the ultimate chatroom option”. Hold on, are you thinking that how would you get a stranger again on next day. So the answer is in our on chatroom says “The Ultimate Public Chatroom” you will get a unique username without login. Your partner will also get a unique username. And the best part is you can change your username anytime. Now the magical part is you can check who is online and search your partner user-id the next day.

Meanwhile, you could talk to some stranger for many days’ weeks or months until you will know this stranger is good and the best fit for you. This talk to stranger website gives you a temporary id so that you could chat with some stranger and connect with the same stranger as many times as you want.

It’s up to you want to make an account or not on CHATWHATEVER. Making an account on the CHATWHATEVER website is also really easy. You won’t take more than 30 seconds to make an account on CHATWHATEVER.COM.

[6.A] Other reasons why we should chat with strangers?

Chatting with strangers on CHATWHATEVER may be helpful in stress relief from your current situation. Suppose you are feeling alone and there is no one to talk with you, you can take the help of stranger chat for instant time pass.

When you find an anonymous boy or girl and chat with him/her you will feel good. talking to a stranger may improve your conversation skills. You can learn English or other languages, you can talk fun and many more.

[6.B] Use the Superb Technology for Random Video Chat With Strangers

CHATWHATEVER is providing you all formats of chatting options. The video chat experience with strangers on CHATWHATEVER will be really amazing for you. What makes the best is that no one stranger can video call or video chat with you directly. They have to take permission from you before starting the video call. Video chat is being popular rapidly. Boys are looking at Google to talk to female strangers online and video chat with strangers. It also has been seen that girls are more searching on Google ‘how to make money online by chatting with men’

The client’s base at CHATWHATEVER Community will assist you with talking with strangers and make significant connections all over the world. You can make conversation or chat with strangers online simply like the manner in which people chat on Omegle. Chatting with strangers is likewise valuable for people to defeat bashfulness and expedite trust in their discussions. This chatroom fills in as outstanding among other demonstrating grounds to talk with female strangers online so as to improve your talking aptitudes. It’s really simple to visit chatrooms from everywhere throughout the world. Talk with irregular individuals and make friends online without enrollment or protracted sign-up issues. CHATWHATEVER furnish 100% free online talk with strangers on the web.

Talking with strangers has a hand-picked accumulation of wellbeing, dating, and way of life articles for you to improve your life fun and loneliness. In the event that you are feeling exhausted, at that point chatting with strangers is the best gathering to satisfy you. Chat with strangers site is where you can meet individuals from around the globe. You won’t hesitate to ask anything when you are in conversation with strangers decisively.

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[7] Why anonymous chat? Why not chat on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc.

Facebook/Twitter/Insta like sites need registration before you start chatting with anyone. Also on other social sites, you have to first add friend and then you will be allowed to chat with them. You need an email/phone for OTP verification, meanwhile, you have to reveal your identity. On those social sites, you can not talk freely. But on anonymous sites like CHATWHATEVER, you can talk without login. and you don’t have to send a friend request before chatting and any permission. On stranger chat websites you don’t have to create an account or go through any verification process. You will be completely anonymous during the chat.

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[8] How to chat with strangers on the CHATWHATEVER?

If you are feeling bored, or alone you can talk or chat with strangers by just searching the keyword ‘chatwhatever’ on Google or any other search engines. Once you have the search results on your screen, find “” on the first page of google. we strongly recommend ‘chatwhatever’ to chat with strangers coz first it’s free and second, you can make audio, video, text chat, picture sharing video sharing, etc. with strangers on another side if you want. CHATWHATEVER don’t need any registration for a conversation with random people. The best part of CHATWHATEVER is that you can select male or female strangers from the list of people and start chatting with them.
To start conversations with a stranger on ‘CHATWHATEVER‘ make the following steps;

1. You have to visit the home page of than

2. Click on any button to chat with strangers now.

3. There may be a security check page read it carefully and follow it to enjoy chatting free of bots.

4. You will have options to choose a chat room as per your choice

5 In some chatrooms, there might be a window with a message icon just at the bottom right hand. Click it.

Enjoy chatting with strangers!!

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[9] Why Our “Free Stranger Chatting Website”, CHATWHATEVER is Unique?

In this section, we will take a comprehensive way to make you understand the overall concept behind making the CHATWHATEVER website and its features.

Let’s start with some features of CHATWHATEVER;


You can share pictures and recordings with strangers during a chat session in your private free chat rooms. Regardless of whether you are conversing with females or guys. You don’t need to make any effort your use this feature in our free chat rooms and send and get arbitrary pics with strangers


Our Random talk to stranger site is free for everybody and consistently will be! Converse with strangers in real-time without any login without any spending. Converse with young men or young ladies. It’s one of the best free chatting sites to chat with local strangers and even people globally. This is definitely not a grimy chat site. You will meet and talk to new random individuals and make new companions in our live Omegle like arbitrary chat rooms.


Our random stranger chatrooms site enables you to converse with anonymous/strangers is totally private chat rooms. Although there are both public chatroom and private chatroom there are more no. of private chatrooms than a group or public chat. This is because people love to talk in one to one interaction.


In an online meeting with strangers, while you are talking on the CHATWHATEVER with individuals/anonymous, you can send free voice messages. If you need to talk with strangers like a phone call continuously you must use our free voice chatroom.

  • One-click to many chatrooms

In order to avoid confusion, we have designed a single page where all CHATROOMS are listed. Private chatrooms, group chatrooms, chatbook, video chat rooms, video calling options, and voice chatrooms, all these can be accessed on a single page.

You are a writer however too bashful to even think about sharing with your companions, go on the web!!. You are a writer and not secure with how the reaction will be post it on the web. Be guaranteed there are other strangers with dreams and desires simply like you regardless of how wired you think they are. You can be that individual you generally longed for getting to be. The CHATWHATEVER gives you the obscurity spread that can enable you to restore your picture. Or on the other hand, it can enable you to draw out the genuine individual you are.

If you are shy to talk to women, ladies or girls just come to chatwhatever and talk to them whatever you have in your mind. Just make yourself free and comfortable in from of ladies. So these are a portion of the advantages of web-based talking with strangers on CHATWHATEVER, add yours to the rundown and remark to tell in the event that you concur or not. What’s more, you can suggest us for additional.

  • Free Online Chatting Rooms with multiple servers – Accessible nonstop:

Online chatrooms and chatting sites are accessible day in and day out, while your companions may work or occupied in different exercises your online amigos are only a tick away. You can make companions/friends from around the globe and have the option to chat with them at whatever point you feel desolate. On the off chance that you need a buddy or have a compelling impulse to communicate or need to share a snapshot of bliss or sorrow, CHATWHATEVER is your free life paper and strangers can truly read it without knowing about you.

CHATWHATEVER has the world’s best random chatrooms and private 1-1 arbitrary chat room, where just 2 outsider strangers are associated with talk with one another in a private visit room. They can talk for whatever length of time that you need. In talkwithstranger, the most important thing is you can likewise send pictures, voice messages, and have a fabulous time in online chat.

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[10] Analytics and Google Trends on-topic chat with strangers

Now a day’s chat with strangers is being a very common and popular keyword to be searched on Google and other search engines. Approximately 10+ million people regularly search keywords like ‘stranger chat‘,  ‘talk to a stranger‘ and ‘chat with strangers‘ on Google every month.

You can connect with strangers via several chat formates. There can be text chatvideo chat, voice chat, and random video chat with strangers.

Search Volume on the Internet for Topic: Chat with Strangers | Talk to Strangers | Stranger Chat

Here is a short detail about “Stranger Chat” keywords and its load on Google search engine

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[11] Chatting with Teenager Strangers

You might have missed the old hurray chatting website like Facebook chat or MSN chatroom then we as a whole are suspecting on a similar pontoon. There are many chatting websites/applications out there that give numerous highlights to internet dating or simply notwithstanding meeting new individuals or strangers on the web or let you visit online with genuine individuals no bots and no spam. However, not every one of them has cool individuals all around from all nations including UK talk, USA chat, Indian talk, Canada chat, etc.

Our random video chat accomplices additionally give you a chance to have online video chatting to meet new strangers. Our point is we as a whole chat live and give continuous live chatrooms regardless of on the off chance that you are hoping to converse with young ladies on the web or converse with young men. CHATWHATEVER will consistently be your best free chatroom decision with 100% nearby free visit spaces for all ages and sexual orientations. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you are age 50 or on the off chance that you are a solitary searching for similarly invested colleagues more than 40 or underneath 40.

You can’t discover such well known and various chatting websites like CHATWHATEVER on the web. You can have extravagant epithets in your web talk 24 hours whenever of the day or night. Life is the thing that happens when you are caught up with making different arrangements so occasions which are unsystematic, self-assertive, unmethodical, aimless, unarranged, spontaneous, undirected, easygoing, aimless, vague, stray, sporadic; shot, unintentional, hit-and-miss; fortunate, happy, unexpected, extrinsic; non-straight, entropic, fractal; are aleatory, stochastic or essentially irregular.

Random chat is additionally a real existence occasion where you get just one opportunity to hit your karma and locate your best talking accomplice on the web. Talking randomly on a random chat site or an arbitrary chat site can be probably the best thing in this world. You can have extravagant epithets in your web chatroom 24 hours whenever of the day or night. CHATWHATEVER is probably the best site to converse with random allocated strangers. Happy Chatting Again!

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12. List of most used websites to chat with strangers

[ps2id id=’13’/]
13. List of most used a mobile application to chat with strangers

Top 22 Best Stranger Chat Apps For Android And iOS: Chat Online With Strangers

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14. See why chatting with strangers on the internet browser is safer than using a mobile application

There are two types of methods available to chat with strangers. Either you can visit a stranger chat website or you can download an application. We strongly recommend you to use a website like CHATWHATEVER to chat with strangers on your internet browser instead of using a mobile app, the reason being a mobile app may ask any types of permissions and one can blindly allow the app to use its personal information. A mobile app is an installed software in your machine. So it may be working 24*7 even you are not using the application. While a chatting website like CHATWHATEVER is a totally secure website where you can privately chat with strangers without giving any access to your device as you do in mobile applications.

The second thing is that installing an application is a quite boring process and if you want to be anonymous it means you may do uninstall that app also after chatting. This could be really weird. Better use the CHATWHATEVER to chat with strangers on our chrome or any other browser.

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15. Random video chat – The most preferable stranger chat type

You might remember the website OMEGLE where you use to make random video chat with strangers. Although a random video chat with strangers websites are full of bots and bugs. CHATWHATEVER is the best random video chat website where you can connect to many strangers and select one whom you like most. You can connect randomly or you can select whom you want to make a video call or video chat with random strangers. The best part of in a random video chat with strangers is that you will not find any bug or bot disturbing you video chat with strangers.

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16. Fraud and illegal activities people make utilizing stranger chat

As CHATWHATEVER requires no login and verifications of strangers you are chatting with. You need to be very careful while you are in conversation with random people on CHATWHATEVER. Strangers may ask your pictures you address even your credit card numbers. Never share your personal details as they can be a fraud and may use your details in illegal activities. There is much news as people have stolen all bank account as strangers have shared the credit card details in sympathy or in greed. There are tons of fraud active on stranger chat websites to betray other strangers. Always keep in mind that you have to be focused in chat only. Read our terms and conditions and go accordingly.

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17. How to keep children away from chatting too much with strangers

Although CHATWHATEVER is very much sure that random chatting websites should make sure that strangers must be above 15 years. But there are no such filters that can detect biological age and restrict strangers to enter the chatrooms. So this is parents’ responsibility that they watch their children’s online activity what they are using and all. Keep in mind your kid only requires a stranger chatting website when he/she feels alone.

Here are few points which can be followed to keep your children away using a stranger chat website;

  • Check to browse the history of your children computer/laptop/tablet/mobile
  • Check mobile applications installed in your children mobile
  • You may track your children online activity using spy software if they are below 15
  • You may use parental control software to track your kids
  • Keep counseling your kids on a daily basis
  • Do not put them alone and loneliness always tends them to chat with strangers
  • Try to be their friends and discuss on every point

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18. Talk to female strangers online

Although you use any stranger chat website or app, you will find desperate men looking for female strangers online to chat with. This is due to the less number of availability of female strangers on online chatting websites. If you talk with random strangers than probability will be very low to talk to female strangers. To solve this problem CHATWHATEVER comes with a trick that we will show you the list of all strangers online on the site. This option will be available in THE ULTIMATE STRANGER CHAT option. You may select the female stranger and chat with them. You may sort female strangers as per your choice of age and other stuff if they have provided the details as nothing is compulsory on CHATWHATEVER to chat with random strangers.

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19. Public experience of chatting with strangers online

We have devoted a special category blog section where you can write or share your chatting experience with strangers on CHATWHATEVER or on any other website or chat applications if you have. Such experiences may be useful to other strangers on many aspects.

To share your story kindly write to us. Go to contact us option and send your story, we will publish the story with or without your details as per your choice.

You can also directly post your story of your experience while chatting with strangers by the link below

Kindly note the user name and password before your proceed
User Name – stranger
Password – mystory

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20. Conclusions

“Talk to strangers” or “chat with strangers” is a unique concept that is very helpful in your loneliness. You can share your stuff with anyone and get a suggestion that could decrease your tense. Your identity will be hidden. You will not require to share any of your details if you want to do any stuff while you are chatting with strangers. There are many more benefits to chat with strangers. But you have to follow the website terms. You should not be involved in harassing any person, or in any illegal activity on CHATWHATEVER like stranger chat website/app.

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21. References

  1. Wikipedia Online Chat Chapter
  2. Wikipedia List of Chat Website
  3. WireClub Blog
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  6. Why to Talk with Strangers
  7. Quora

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Related Questions/ People Query

How might I start talking with unknown people online?

Be safe! Start a conversation with strangers with something interesting. Act naturally… hear strangers and give them a window to speak frankly… look in the right places… Search for a place of shared interest… do what needs to be done and don’t overthink it… try not to feel bad if any stranger don’t want to talk.

How would you converse with arbitrary strangers on CHATWHATEVER?

Once you got connected with a stranger…Look receptive and amicable. … Why don’t you open nonverbally before you start conversing with somebody. … Open with a little collaboration. … Present yourself. … Ask open-finished inquiries. … Request that the individual discloses something to you. … Try not to be reluctant to oppose this idea. … Stick to safe subjects. Use different chatrooms on CHATWHATEVER.

How might I converse with a more peculiar stranger young lady?

Take a gander at a young lady’s face. Never see her body, she may feel that you are a tease. … However, you should attempt to begin with a “welcome” or “hey” and a basic grin. … Try not to be frightened! … Keep up great cleanliness. … Be loose. … Look. … Startup a fitting discussion. … Forgo moving toward them as a tease.

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lovely website to chat with strangers.. i am missing one more chat server for group chat. please bring that again please


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