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It was morning 9 am. I was in hurry and going for office. I locked my room and ran towards the stairs. Suddenly I
remembered that I forgot my mobile. I ran back to my flat. Insert my keys to door and quickly entered in my room. I heard that door was getting closed due to air. I took my mobile and ran towards the door.
But it was too late, my door was locked from outside and key left outside as well.

I started yelling on door if someone is there but no reply!

I looked at my phone and tried to call someone but bad luck my phone was running out of balance.

I thought to call police but suddenly i saw my browser, CHATWHATEVER website was running. I decide to chat with strangers to help me out.

I saw list of all online strangers, and messaged in public chat room

Me – Anyone from NewYork Rockland?

I got many replies from many strangers [I knew many were lieing as I was a girl and they just want to talk me]

I replied to one

Me – Hey I need help

He – Sure babe, How may I help you?

Me – I m locked in my room can you help

He – Do you want me to come in your room

Me – Yes

He – cant we do it online?

Me – what? what do u mean?

I understood what he meant and blocked him

I messaged another stranger and started chatting with him

Me – hey can you help me out ?

He – Sure how may I help you?

Me – I m locked in my room, please come and open the door. [I told him whole story]

He – Are u seriously locked in a room

Me – Yes please plese help me

He – Ok ok but it may take 15 mint to reach you

Me – Please come i will wait

He – okay give me your mobile no and address

Me – here it is [I shared my details]

I was not sure if he will come but after half and hour I felt somone is opening my door

I looked at door and a stranger was there, the same stranger

I thanked him a lot

We are friends now….

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