Get Paid to Chat with Strangers/Talk to Strangers

First time in the world of Internet, we are the first stranger chatting website who is giving you upto $320 in your paypal account once you have finished one hour of chatting on our site with strangers.

Why you should be paid for talking to strangers

In our point of view, time is precious. When you talking to strangers you are wasting your time. In order to convert this waste of time into the utilization of time we have decided to pay you for the time you spend on stranger chat.

How to get paid for talking to strangers?

There is a very simple process to earn while stranger chat.

Step 1 – Share this page on any of your social media pages

**Very Very Important Step. If you will not share it, you will never get money

[please copy the link where you have shared this page>> link is to be pasted in the form in the next step]

Step 2 – Click on the link Chat Strangers & Earn Now

Step 3 – Enter your name and PayPal address where up to $320 Per 60 minutes will be credited

Step 4 – Skip the name of the stranger you want to chat with or enter any name if you know

Step 5 – Follow the steps till you connect to a stranger

Step 6 – Get connected and chat with strangers for at least 60 continue minutes.

Step 7 – Once you finished the chatting with any stranger, just disconnect the chatbox

Step 8 – There will be a popup confirming your name and papal address just after you disconnect the chatbox

Step 9 – Cross-Check the details carefully

Step 10 – Your qualification will be decided within 24 hours of working days as per your calculated chatting hours.

Click on the following link if the above button is not working

That means if you are using for stranger chat every 60 minutes of chatting is giving you money for that.

Chat with strangers is being very popular these days. Nowadays people are looking for a best stranger chat site to get relaxed once they back from a stressful day.

Chatting with strangers keeping you away from all your stresses till you are chatting. Talking with strangers is also the best time killing if you are getting bored.

And what if along with all these benefits of talking with strangers you will get money every hour? It isn’t amazing.

This is actually your money because you have invested your time for talking with strangers. And everyone knows time is money.

*Please note this chat and earn scheme has not been started yet. You will be notified soon on the same page.

** We have changed our policy to pay money monthly

***this is a lucky draw program hence no appeal will be entertained if you are not receiving any money. Only lucky strangers will be paid. All right reserved to the CHATWHATEVER.


  1. I did this and received money 320$ i dont know their caluclation but its enough for me! However they took too much time to send money in my PayPal

    • Judith Williamson Reply

      well, how long did it take for you to get the money? Do you get money every time you log in to chat?

      • no u can earn only once in a day for chatting with strangers without being disconnected from either side. Also payment will be credited after a month of your chatting. Also you have to chat with only one stranger cant discontinue with one stranger and continue with another in same half an hour period…..

    • I’ve done chatting with stranger more than 30 minutes twice now & but paid for only once. There’s supposed to be a box pop up after confirming payment details but it din not pops up second time. Starting to think there is something wrong??

    • We have changed our policy. only lucky starngers will be paid after one month. You shold enjoy chatting daily. I m sure you will be lucky one day to get paid for chatting with strangers. Enjoy chatting.

  2. chat with strangers Reply

    Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging
    on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always exciting to read content
    from other authors and use something from other web sites.

  3. I did this but received only 165$..why u have deducted my money?? give me a proper reason

  4. Judith Williamson Reply

    I talked for one hour and probably 10 minutes and no money in my account. J

    • Peggy Higgins Reply

      That’s about how long I chatted as well & I still haven’t been paid for last two chats. Do they eventually pay for all the time i chat?

  5. hi, am i the only one having problems with the images thing? it always give me error

  6. I disconnected and never got any pop up thing like it says… how it works for chat and earn? Does stranger chat really let us earn money? if it is this should be best way to earn online money via stranger chat

    • sometime it happens while you are trying to connect any stranger or you disconnect chatting before the time ….in that case we dont include you in the list of qulified people for chat and earn scheme

  7. Brett Burgard Reply

    I chatted for nearly 2 hours one night. after waiting for a month it gave me money for one hour only? However i enjoyed talking with a stranger girl and get paid but payment is too slow…..overall its good.

  8. I joined yesterday and chatted with some people but I never received the money promised. Will it talke a month to get paid in my account for chatting with strangers??

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwww amazing i never know that i can earn that much of amount by just enjoying fun chat…..thanku chatwhatever

  10. Vyora prooiug Reply

    i guess if u r looking for stranger chat than CHATWHATEVER is the best alternative. Its chat and earn program is fantastic. Although we get money at the month end but overall the amout CHATWHATEVER is paying for stranger chat is really awesom. Overall i can give 3.5 star for its services.

  11. Purjor gruie Reply

    i have one doubt with this stranger chat that how come they pay so much amount to us for starnger chat. I enjoyed chatting with a girl and got paid. Its strange. I was just trying if it is working. For a month i thought its just making us fool but at the month end I found i was paid for that. nice!

  12. piu huyuan Reply

    Is ther any body online wnna chat with me? lets talk without being disconnect coz this site pay us only if we will talk to strangers continue without disconnecting the chat. Whenever i m trying to connect it disconnected. or other side stranger disconnected. i m fed up

  13. george patam Reply

    few years ago i use to talk to stranger for time pass. I really enjoyed it but chatwhatever change the intenstions of stranger chat online. Now I just cant enjoy chatting with strangers girls but can earn a good amount. Thanku chatwhatever for providing a useful talk to stranger tool.

  14. I have texted with guys almost two people more than 1 hour but i never receive any amount ,

  15. absoulte way to talk to stranger and make money online……love u chatwhwatever

  16. what if I do not get money after talking to stranger for more than 60 mints… it s luck draw scheme??

  17. Very less strangers to choose …..however its good that we can choose we want to chat with boy or girl……bes scheme for talk to stranger and earn…… i guess this website pay us for the time we wasted on chat

  18. Robert Pamhra Reply

    very less uk girls here…….but the chat and earn scheme is too good.

  19. i got many site for talk to stranger but this one is slightly different….the methodology of earning is really apreciated..however money is being credited in the account in more than a month….thats the only bad thing i found about CHATWHATEVER

  20. love u chatwhatever for the scheme to stranger and earn

  21. I never understand yr payout rule…..when i talk to stranger i got some time 200 $ sometime 320$ sometime none…..what is actual payout for talk to starnger on CHATWHATEVER

  22. cool site to talk to stranger however i never earn from this site. why????

  23. why chatwhatever don t send any email notification when I finish talk to stranger ? How to know if the money has came from chatwhatever?

  24. does chatwhatever pay to a specific country people only? if does what if two of the stranger are belonging to different country and one is in the paid region another is in non paid region?

  25. When i click on security check it says error////although i could talk to stranger but it wont let me to earn by that method? can chatwhatever solve this issue for me?

  26. how to rename my name….chatwhatever give me a imaginarry name which i dont found good to represent me in front of strangers while talking……can u please guide me?

  27. Well i never knew that i could be get paid to talk to strangers. There are many other sites but the ease which chatwhatever gives us for get paid for chatting with strangers is really cool. This is because we can select whom we want to chat either girl or boy

  28. can chatwhatever really pay us for chatting with strangers? How do they generat revenue to distribute us? what is the business model behind getting paid by chatting with strangers?

  29. how to get paid if i m not talking continuously with strangers. some time it happend strangers disconnected what to do in that casa?

  30. puroiuou-keny Reply

    I did not get how to creat an account here to chat with strangers on daily basis and make frnds? If i make frnds and chat with daily to them, will i earn still that case

  31. Why chatwhatever does not pay in any other wallet or account than Paypal. I dont have paypal account how to get paid to chat with strangers?

  32. how to talk to female strangers only on chatwhatever? is there any rule that we can be paid only if we talk to opposite gender?

  33. den henderson Reply

    Thanks for the share! I’m making 1k+ every day from home with affiliate marketing. I did a video on my channel on how I did it. It was actually pretty easy.

  34. I love your enthusiasm and humor! Thank you so much for this article and video and concept….love chatting and now i can earn if it will work

  35. I like the new approach of earning to the beginning of your videos CHATWHATEVER
    Always keeping it fresh, gotta appreciate the ease of new online earning skill – #chatandearn

  36. i get failed in the security check of chatwhatever -chat and earn scheme. Tested all but non of them works.
    Can you help me out?

  37. $320 per stranger? I feel like this one is really a better options. Maybe it’s good for someone who doesn’t work.

  38. Big Mark I’m Little Ryan and I was wondering if there was any way to get ahold of you I paid the 300 dollars to get started

  39. omg…love the introduction part of video of chat and earn scheme

  40. Video editing is outrageous of chat and earn scheme, like your video cam is so big you can’t even see half the stuff you’re showing. When you had two screens up atleast have the back ground different sitting in a different room with strangers. seems overall good experience of chatting with strangers

  41. reply me who else are making money with chatwhatever…Are you making money in $97/month clickfunnels for chat with strangers

  42. carol singa Reply

    u gat bigballs mark keep it up we do appreciate chat and earn on chatwhatever….how do i get started need to work out something dude please.

  43. Any method for Italy? is this chatwhatever chat and earn scheme work in italy?

  44. venilla stemnin Reply

    This article and video of get paid to chat with strangers…is perfect cause I seriously should start working at home but the links didn’t take to the places mentioned on the video. Are you getting commission by going through your links???

  45. Can I use my phone to get paid for chatting with strangers?

  46. christinin Reply

    Yeeeeeeeaaaah !!! (Happy dance) right on Mark !!!! Thanks a bunch,….love the concept of get paid to chat with strangers……..woooooowwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa

  47. interesting cocept of get paid for chatting with strangers online

  48. pawan kumar Reply

    I really want to work from home. Sadly I’m in Asia ..hope this chat and earn on chatwhaver will work!!!

  49. keldoll film Reply

    I never heard you say how I will receive my cash if chat with stranger….. can I be paid through my bank account?

  50. The first website which say they will pay to chatting with female stranger….. and trust me that is extremely fast…lets see if it work

  51. stereballer Reply

    The website you provided in all your videos are not available in Philippines..cant i get paid for chatting with strangers in Philippines?

  52. markjerkarimnotberg Reply

    Honestly the article and video of getting paid for chatting with strangers is really cool….Mark!

  53. sheenaantenio Reply

    OMG chatwhatever… you are sooo funnny! Love to see you having so much fun, and love your ideas and videos! Awesome job and earning practices

  54. There is a name for this guys who attract you with this epic headlines???…but truth is…300 usd a day lol..

  55. spritual warrior Reply

    first time seeing one of your videos you are super informative ..never knew that i could earn for chatting hehe
    love this website chatwhatever

  56. chemi fomi Reply

    Why don’t you make a videos for all over the world so that we can also do that chat and earn job everywhere for the from the world

  57. I’m in Canada does this type of work for here as well???? Or only USA


    hey peeps hi how are you? i am fine thanks . hey nice page you have here what are your names?

    ok how much i made?

  59. edwill logo Reply

    how to avail this sir im in the to get paid in phillipended?

  60. how to add affiliate links to the video..i mean how do i get it for a video? can you please tell me…can i earn more to my referals to strangers?

  61. nothing for me from germany :( germal chatting money? why bro????????

  62. Suggest something with computable for all nations..whre we can get paid for chatting with strangers?????????

  63. hello I am I live in Italy how do I make money for chatting

  64. Jas anyone tried this with feedback of sucess or not? does anyone chat to anyone about earning??????

  65. Thanks chatwhatever…. u r the best…never thought earning money will be so interesting…

  66. bbbbb.gggg Reply

    If anyone wants to tell me there deep secrets ill give u my 10000$ everything strictly confidential….how to start such chat and earn scheme…….how to get paid for chatting works?bbbb

  67. What are the sites and works that pay you back also asia ….how to get paid for chattinig yar

  68. im from mongolia and ur methods doesnt work. Its pretty sad can u link me up with some content that supports mongolia? that would be great and might show u that u care about us also

    Regards , ur viewer

  69. Man I watched a couple of ur videos and read whole article and guess how much I earned ? only 300$ only.why bcs its only possible if ur from America or something..How about u make a video that is not complicated thats easy that everyone can actually do from anywere.

  70. imadjafrin Reply

    all sites prfer UK and US candidates for this job not any other country can join this

  71. i never thought that there can be a site like this which let us make money by chatting with strangers

  72. i just searched google “chat with strangers” and found . well i got a nice chat with a girl . but i would like to know how chat and earn work?

  73. talking with strangers sometime help in relaxation after office hours. I feel chatwhatever really work for me at least hehe

  74. never worked for me.. i tried 3 times but i never earned by chatting with strangers online

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