How to Manage Harassment while Chatting with Strangers

Provocation comes in numerous structures and can be burdening to manage. Luckily, Twitch gives you various instruments to make managing this simpler. This article covers the entirety of the various techniques available to you to manage provocation.


Badgering can be baffling, or unsettling, or alarming. It’s additionally contrary to the principles, and we’re here to help. Whenever you feel somebody is breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, you can report them (see File a User Report beneath). Our Safety Ops Specialists are working day in and day out, and survey each report.

You likewise have choices you can utilize right away. At the point when you are being irritated, there is nobody right answer or best methodology, just the one that works for you and your circumstance. Many decide to deny the harasser any consideration and rapidly break or boycott them, while others decide to deal with it in an unexpected way. On the off chance that your go-to approach isn’t viable for a given harasser, you may explore different avenues regarding another. Eventually, your response is up to you.

The main thing to recall is that this is your channel, and you are in charge. You have the ability to make any of the moves depicted in this article, and to designate arbitrators and engage them to make a move; the correct blend is whatever causes you to have a sense of security and positive.

On the off chance that you are a telecaster, you might need to locate a confided face to face to give arbitrator status. Your mediators can help deal with your chat, leaving you to zero in on your transmission!


Consider the possibility that you are being annoyed in another person’s channel where you are not the arbitrator, or through Whispers. With a tick of a catch or a solitary chat order, any client can be overlooked, which implies that their messages will presently don’t show up on your screen. You can utilize this order in any chat room on Twitch, and can overlook any client. The component ties chat and murmurs, implying that in the event that you disregard someone through one of them, they are overlooked in both.

To utilize this component in chat, click the overlook button on their client card that shows up when you click their username, or type:

/overlook USERNAME

To unignore somebody, click on the unignore button which replaces the disregard catch, or type:

/unignore USERNAME

To utilize this element faintly, click on the Cog symbol at the highest point of the murmur window, and afterward on Block USERNAME.

There is one condition when you will in any case see messages from clients that you have overlooked. On the off chance that you are an arbitrator of a channel, you should see all messages sent in that channel, including from disregarded clients, so you can play out your obligations successfully. You will in any case not get murmurs from those overlooked clients, and won’t see their messages in directs in which you are not a mod.


You can forestall provocation on Twitch by hindering different clients. To obstruct a client, click on their username and afterward the 3 Vertical Dots menu symbol. Select Block USERNAME.

You can generally see a rundown of who you’ve hindered in the Privacy part of your Security Settings page.

Impeding USERS

By impeding another client on Twitch you:


A “stranger” is any individual who doesn’t have a relationship with you or with Twitch: you have not followed or friended them; they are not a supervisor or mod in your channel; you have not murmured them already; and they are not an accomplice, Twitch staff part, or Safety Ops Specialist.

The Block Whispers from Strangers setting will keep strangers from starting Whisper conversations with you, and is compelling in forestalling spam messages just as any harassive messages.


Shroud undesirable messages in any Chat across Twitch with Chat Filters, your own AutoMod. You can set your worldwide Chat Filters inclinations straightforwardly from your Chat settings on any channel. There are settings for Discrimination, Sexually Explicit Language, Hostility, and Profanity. These settings apply to all Chats on Twitch.


Jerk is focused on battling badgering alongside you. On the off chance that you accept a client is breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, you may record a client report. For instance, if an annoying client is constantly making new records, particularly if the new records have hostile words or individual subtleties in the username, kindly report them. By detailing a record, you straightforwardly inform the Admin group that someone is breaking the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of Twitch, which allows them to respond quickly and make a proper move.

For more data on the most proficient method to document a report, perceive How To File a User Report. On the off chance that somebody is abusing the ToS or RoC through murmurs and you wish to report them, perceive How to File a Whisper Report.

For reports about clients consistently hassling or dodging chat boycotts, utilize the Harassment or Chat Ban Evasion classes individually. In the portrayal, note any subtleties, for example, other usernames you speculate them of utilizing, which direct it occurred in, and at what time. Do likewise for any new record utilized by the individual to badger you.

Continuously make certain to give however much data as could reasonably be expected and never misuse this capacity. Doing so is an infringement of the Terms of Service. Know that some direct may not disregard Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, and consequently may not prompt the suspension of the announced record. To guarantee you are secured, we propose that you utilize different instruments and techniques depicted in this article notwithstanding announcing.


Arbitrators focus on your chat, so you can focus on your stream. Mods have the ability to utilize the greater part of the devices portrayed in this article β€” reacting to messages got via AutoMod, setting chat modes, and timing out or forbidding clients β€” and can help ensure your chat observes your standards. A decent mod accomplishes more than break and boycott: they connect with chat, welcome new individuals, cheer you on, and set a genuine model for every other person to follow. On the off chance that that seems like an individual from your local area, it’s never too soon to request that they be your mod.

To delegate them, click the mod symbol (the lightning jolt symbol) on their client card that shows up when you click their username, or type in chat:


To eliminate them as a mod, click the unmod button that replaces the mod catch, or type in chat:


To get familiar with building a group of arbitrators, look at our Guide to Building a Moderation Team.


Under the Moderation areas of the Channel Settings page you can compose your divert rules in the clear box gave. This will show your channel rules as a spring up over the highest point of your chatroom to first-time watchers and expect them to click Agree before they can type in the chat, guaranteeing that new watchers know about your standards and are more probable not to disregard them.

Make certain to type one guideline for every line so the standards appear arranged accurately to your watchers.


The Channel-impeded terms channel is simply open to the telecaster through the Channel Settings page. Nobody else can see or modify the words list. To utilize this element, type the word you wish to have obstructed from your channel, submit it, and look to the lower part of the Channel Settings page to save your changes. You may add terms containing different words, and messages that contain all words in the term will be impeded, without obstructing messages that contain just single word in the term (for example adding “howdy” as a term won’t impede messages containing just “greetings” or “there”, yet it will hinder “hello”, and “there howdy”). The quantity of terms you can channel is during the several thousands, so you don’t have to stress over arriving at the cap. Messages containing channel-impeded terms won’t be presented on your chat.

This channel likewise has special case usefulness so all varieties are adequately prohibited from the chat. This implies you don’t have to enter each factor of a word you wish to eliminate, only the center of the word and the boycott channel will control all varieties of that word. Simply add special case, ““, toward the beginning or end of a word and it will coordinate any characters there. For instance, adding “shoot” would likewise channel “shooting” “shoots” and different varieties.

It is suggested that beside any words you discover hostile or wish to shield your watchers from, that you add any words which may be uncommon and attached to your own data. Nonetheless, while adding such words to your channel is a decent method to shroud delicate individual data, it can likewise affirm whether that data has a place with you which is the reason it is ideal to just sift through words that are not regularly utilized (for instance, don’t add your home number to the channel, yet maybe add your road name or last name). Another great system to ensure your own data is to add a few bogus positives so nobody can attempt to sort out your data through preliminary by blunder.

There is additionally an around the world prohibited words channel which is empowered of course. These are words that Twitch has eliminated in light of the fact that they are the most regularly prohibited. To quit this channel, you should tap the checkbox under the prohibited words channel window.


AutoMod utilizes AI and common language preparing calculations to hold hazardous messages from chat so they can be inspected by a channel mediator prior to appearing to different watchers in the chat. Arbitrators can support or deny any message got via AutoMod. With AutoMod, telecasters can set up their own solid standard for adequate language and nonstop chat balance, an approach to make a more sure encounter for themselves and their networks. Peruse more about how to design AutoMod here or empower it by means of the Channel Settings page.


Notwithstanding AutoMod, numerous channels use bots created by Twitc

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