How to start conversation with strangers?

Hi can I have a word with you? Oh! No Iโ€™m sorry. I think Iโ€™ll come back. Hi my name is Tash and what was I just doing back there? Yes, I was trying to do this. I was trying to start a conversation. But why was I not able to do it? Because I was not doing any of these. Friends tell me how many of youโ€™ll wanted to have a conversation with a stranger or a guy or a girl you like and you were not able to do so? I sure so many of youโ€™ll have just nodded your head. Yes I know we go through this many a times, when we think, we wanna talk to a person, but we canโ€™t do that, because youโ€™re not confident or you think, Oh! What is he gonna think about me or what is she gonna think about me.

No today Iโ€™m gonna help you come out of that thinking and help yourself, boost your confidence and go start a conversation with a stranger. So let us see how? The first point says Monitor body language . When I say monitor body language, donโ€™t get me wrong. I definitely donโ€™t mean keep staring at the person; no letโ€™s see you are travelling. Now this stranger that Iโ€™m talking about could be anybody, could be somebody, whoโ€™s your co-passenger, could be a person standing with you at a bus stand or railway station, could be a new student in the college, and could be anybody.

So what you have to do? The moment you see a stranger or a person, who you wanna start a conversation with, understand what he or she is doing currently. What is their current state? For example, if the person is browsing through some documents donโ€™t just barge and say, Hi Iโ€™m Tash. No she or he is not gonna like it. Just relax, look at the person, see what she or he is doing first. If she, trust me the right time to go and say hi, would be the person is browsing through her phone or is just going through her mobile phone. Because that is when we are usually relaxed and of course, when the person is talking on the phone or heโ€™s talking to another person, you definitely arenโ€™t going to go and talk to her. So if a person is on a mobile phone, itโ€™s the best time to go and talk to her or him and start your conversation.

So initially you have to see what the person is doing for you to begin your conversation. The next point says, Collect information. Collect information from whom? Yeah, who are you gonna collect information from? From nobody else, but the person. Iโ€™ll tell you how? Now that you have probably not still got a chance to talk to the person, youโ€™re just waiting a chance, youโ€™re just waiting. Okay what is she gonna do now? I wanna go and say hi. Just relax, wait. When I say collect information. I mean look at the person, if he or she, letโ€™s see itโ€™s your co-passenger in an airplane, you can definitely look at what sheโ€™s doing, slyly though from the corner of your eye. And you know that sheโ€™s reading a novel and sheโ€™s reading a book, which you are familiar with or sheโ€™s browsing through a site, which you were familiar with as well.

Why you can do this is because, you know that this is interesting the person, right? You are getting to know the interest of the person. The moment you start a conversation with a person, you know what to talk about. So when you gather information, so when you collect information about the person, yourself of course, you know what your conversation is going to be all about. So collect information, if a novel sheโ€™s reading, talk to her about the novel, once you start the conversation. The next one sayโ€™s, Self-confidence. Yes friends this is very very important. Now weโ€™ve crossed this stage, weโ€™ve crossed this stage and now finally, you are getting the chance to go and talk to him or her. So what you gonna do, youโ€™re gonna tell yourself. Itโ€™s time now for me to go and start that conversation. I can nail it. Donโ€™t start fumbling within yourself; donโ€™t start telling yourself, Oh! I donโ€™t think I can do this. No stop it Tash, you canโ€™t, no you canโ€™t. Rather tell yourself, okay,

Tash, you can do it. Come on go, nail it. The moment you see the person, just go and say, hi Iโ€™m Tash. Of course if the person is busy or she is in a middle of something, sheโ€™s definitely gonna tell you, can you hang on for a second please or they are really gentle, they are gonna keep their work aside. Yes of course, she definitely going to, he or she, definitely gonna be able to have hat conversation with you. So itโ€™s very simple, go and say hi, because the most horrible mistake, you would do is loose self-confidence. If you go and tell her, Hi, ahhahh, ahh, im Tash, you know I was just wondering if I just have a word with you. Trust me friends forget about talking to you, sheโ€™s just gonna walk outor sheโ€™s not gonna be interested in you, because sheโ€™s gonna doubt your intentions. When you lack this, your intentions are being doubted. So donโ€™t lack self-confidence, be confident and just talk to the person, so that the person is interested in talking to you.

The next one says, Open ended questions. In school when teacher would ask questions, I would be very, I would only think, I just hope teacher would ask me a question, which ends in a yes or a no. Trust me I would do that, but today eventually when I have grown up, Iโ€™m right here standing in front of you, I know how important it was for my teacher to ask me a open ended question, so that I could go on talking. Yes thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m talking to you about. An open ended question is something, which gives you an answer in more than a yes or a no. Remember over here, we donโ€™t want close ended questions. When you are trying to start a conversation with a stranger, you know whatโ€™s a close ended question? Hi are you familiar? No thatโ€™s it that is it, because when you ask a question, which gives you an answer in a yes or a no, your conversation is over.

Open ended questions are very important, letโ€™ssee the person you are talking to, youโ€™ve seen that sheโ€™s reading a novel, donโ€™t just ask her, where did you buy this from? Is it good or bad? Sheโ€™s gonna say yes or no. Instead ask her or him. Can you tell me about the events of this novel? Yes because the moment she starts talking to you about the events of the novel, thatโ€™s when you and she or he, can start a quick and a nice conversation, so never ask a question like, where you from? Do I know you? If you meet somebody at the party, letโ€™s say you see this really nice girl at the party and you really wanna talk to her, so what do you do? Hi do I know you? And if sheโ€™s not interested, sheโ€™s gonna say no, I donโ€™t know, but instead did you attend Carolโ€™s party last summer and if she has , of course, if you know that she has not, but still she is gonna be interested in talking to you. So always ask open ended questions, avoid asking close ended questions. Last one says, Leave them wanting more. Now we have crossed all the stages.

You have been successfully been able to start a conversation, so what do you do? Of course, you have to go right?ย You canโ€™t be standing and sitting and talking the entire day. You always ensure that you start such a conversation, which does not end over there, for example, if you are talking about a book, letโ€™s say you are talking about a novel, donโ€™t finish your conversation in a haste, go slow, relax, try to leave the person wanting for more , the next time he or she meets you. Remember one thing friends, if you think, you are boring the person or maybe is she getting bored, am I talking too much? But remember one thing; you are still that mysterious stranger, who has started this conversation with that person and he or she is definitely gonna be interested in you.

Why would she not want to listen to you anymore? That is why I told you this is very important. Your approach towards that stranger is very very important. If you go with an attitude that you are gonna nail it, you will definitely do and definitely this person is wanting and is waiting, when is that next time that you are gonna meet her. So friends, we just saw how to have or how to start a conversation with a stranger. Iโ€™m so sure there are so many people out there, who wanted to do this all the while. But yes friends as much as confident, as much as confident that we are, there are times that we try to fumble, we run a loss of words, we donโ€™t know what to say, specially the person, somebody you are dying to talk to, you are completely a flat. So friends remember these points, remember these tips, which I have shared with you today. Iโ€™m sure they are gonna help you to have an amazing conversation and trust me you will never ever fumble after that , so thanks for listening, thanks for watching, keep watching, keep learning. I will be back with another interesting lesson. Till then take care.

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