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Whenever we meet someone stranger for the first time. The first thing that we speak about our self is our body language. Our body language speaks 70% thing about our self to the people. Many people get reject in the interview due to poor body language. Some people are not able to give their best performance during presentation due to poor body language. In this article, i will share with you some tips to have a confident, attractive and respected body language. I will discuss with you different positions of various body parts from feet to face. Which body position is good for us and which is not.

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So let’s begin… First we are going to discuss about feet and toes whenever we are in a standing position. The distance between our both legs should be same like the distance between our both shoulders, our feet should be in outward direction. Now why this leg position is good for us? Expert and researchers has created a body language thumb rule, which say that close body language is the indication of nervousness and fear. For example whenever someone is beating us, we close our body due to nervousness and fear just to protect ourselves on the other end, open body language indicated that you are relaxes, calm and confident in short the outwards direction of toes gives sign of open body language which is good for us. The next body part is hands and arms friends whatever situation is there. We should always avoid 3 positions of our hands.

(1)We should never keep our hand in our pant pocket.

(2) We should never keep our hand folded while standing.

(3)While standing we should never keep our one hand on the other one because all this 3 positions are indication of closed body language which again show that you are nervous and which is not good for us. That’s why we should keep our both hands a side. Which is a sign of open body language and which shows that you are relaxed, chilled and confident. Moreover while explaining and presenting something, we should use our hand movement it shows that you are confident about what you are saying and again which is good for us. The third body part which i am going to discuss now is very important and specially its correct position and that body part is chest.

Many people keep their chest inside and back outside while standing this position is extremely wrong. It shows that you are tired and lazy the right position is standing straight our back should be inside and chest outside to keep your chest out you have to do some workout to get a better shape. The next body part is head, whether you are sitting or standing, our head should always be straight and should be facing straight forward our head position should not be too much down and not too much up also while talking to someone if your head position is down, it means you are submissive and you accept everything whatever other says to you on the other end. If your head is too much up while talking, it means you are arrogant two things are also very important along with head position the first thing is eye contact.

Friends…. It might be possible that while reading this article, your eye contact may not be perfect if you are looking at one thing continuously while talking to someone. The person talking to you may feel uncomfortable on the other side, if you are not maintaining eye contact while talking to someone then the person you are talking may not be interested in that conversation. That’s why we should follow 80/20 rule while talking where 80% time you should maintain your eye contact while talking and 20% time you should see somewhere else while talking.

The second thing is our smile. It may be possible that people like your smile a lot. Now it does not mean that you should always show your teeth while smiling and laughing. Smiling with teeth is an indication of nervousness and many time people find such smiles as fake. That’s why you should always keep a normal smile while talking which is genuine and confidence can be seen in that smile and which will attract more people towards us.

So smiling genuinely is far better than smiling with teeth. The last thing which i am going to discuss with you is the proper utilization of space. We should properly use the space which is available with us. For example we should spread our body properly while sitting on a chair if you are compressing yourself while sitting on chair then people may find you uncomfortable, in fear and nervous on the other end, if you are stretching yourself too much while sitting on chair then people may find you lazy and tired. That’s why spread your body perfectly in the available space so to conclude… A proper body language help to improve our personality and communication skills. Now that you know all this small body language tips so try to practice it regularly to have a attractive, confident and respected body language hit “like” if you found this tips useful write your views and opinion in the comment share this article with your family and friends also. If you are watching reading my article for the first time then don’t forget to “subscribe” my channel finally, thanks for reading last but not the least… “action of body language are more memorable than just talk…!!!”

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