So I met this guy on Omegle. (Part two)

Hello fellow nosleepers, first off I want to say thank you to everybody who gave me advice, and has my side on this, I really appreciate it, and it’s helped me a lot, for those that haven’t read it, the first one is here. Part one

But something else happened.

I received this message last night.

Imgur For those of you that cannot read this for whatever reason, it was a screenshot of a private message that reads as follows. “Hey Sam, this is between you and mummy. It’s our little secret, remember? I left you something in your bag, I hope you like it.” It was sent by the user “MummyAndSam”

But it gets worse.

I did as the message said, and checked my bag.

I found this little piece of joy.


It’s very blurred, and I’m sorry about that, I took a picture on my phone and then burned the note. I didn’t want to have it anywhere near me.

If you can’t read it, then it says β€œSam you didn’t listen. Meet me somewhere only we know”

I’ll be honest, I read that when I got home from school today, and I’ve not been able to think about anything since. It’s fucked up to be honest, and this is just going too far.

And more to the point, how the fuck did he manage to get that note in to my bag? I mean sure, it’s plausible that he just slipped it in and then went on his merry way, but to be honest, I don’t really believe that it was somebody that is in my classes. I mean, none of them are really β€œTech savvy” and today I was extremely nervous, and I kept my bag with me all of the time.

So no, I highly doubt that it is someone in my class, but surely that’s the only time that it could have happened? I went through my bag this morning to make sure that I had all of my books I needed for the day, and I found the note when I got home. Surely it took place during my school day?

But that’s not possible. I’ve not really been in contact with anybody but my fellow students today, and as I’ve already established, I would be amazed if it were one of them. But maybe a teacher? I don’t know.

I’d rather not say exactly where that somewhere is, but as soon as I read it, I knew exactly where the note was referring to. It’s a place that is deeply burned in to my childhood memories, somewhere I couldn’t and won’t forget.

But I wish I could forget about it now.

On another note, a lot of you guys suggested that I talk to the guy again, and try to get some more information about him. So I have attempted to go back and talk to him. Here are my results.

Imgur For those of you that cannot read this for whatever reason, it reads as follows. This is an Omegle chat. You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: Hey

You: How’s it going?

Stranger: Scared And Miserable. πŸ™

You: What’s the matter?

Stranger: My friend stood me up

You: in what way>

You: >*


Stranger:You didn’t come.

Stranger: Sam.

Stranger: Mummy cried because of you

You: What do you want from me?

Stranger: Mummy wants you to admit what you did.

Stranger: You’ve been a bad boy.

You:What did I do? I’ve never fucking done anything.

Stranger:Language, my little lamb.

You: Fuck off, this is far enough

Stranger: What’s wrong? Tell mummy your problems πŸ™‚

You: Well you seem to know it all anyways “Mummy”

Stranger: I do, but sometimes it helps to admit it to yourself.

You: But I’ve not done anything.

Stranger: πŸ™‚ It’s okay little lamb.

You: Seriously now, who are you?

Stranger: A friend.

Stranger: These violent delights have violent ends.


You have disconnected.

A couple of things for your guys to note. First off, I ignored the note and didn’t go to the place, hence what I think the part about having been stood up mean.

Also β€œlamb” was my mother’s pet name for me, which pissed me off more than you can imagine when I heard him saying it.

Also, it’s been a day now, so he seems to be here to stay. I don’t know what I can do, it’s worrying me, to say the least.

While I’m here, I might as well also answer some of the questions that you guys posted, and I’ll also give you lot some information about me to see if any of you have an idea as to why and how someone might be doing this to me.

So to first off, I do not use wireless, I’m always using a wired connection, if that is any help. I often tend to be in incognito mode (Hey, don’t we all) while browsing the web, because I’m paranoid and all of that.

I’ve never really had any genuine enemies, I mean there’s been the odd person that doesn’t like me, but that’s what is expected I’d imagine. On the flip side, I’ve never really had any close friends, and none of the people that I know would know all these things about my mother and me.

I’ve always lived in the home that I currently live in, and I’ve always lived with my dad. On a related side note to that, I’ve not told my dad about this, do you guys think that I should get him involved? I’m not sure myself, because I’ve never been that close to him, but of course I certainly trust him, and he’s a perfectly nice guy.

Other than that I can’t really think of any information which is hugely relevant to it. My internet history doesn’t really have any connections to anybody who might want to put me through this, and nor does what little social life I have off the internet either.

Any others thoughts from you guys on it though? I’m not quite sure what he is trying to get at with the whole β€œadmit it” part, or the ending lines either.

I’m so fucking pissed off and scared by this though, I really do need desperate help.

Thanks, as I said before, I appreciate all of the help.

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